Why Chelsea will finish in the top 4 in the Premier League!

A top four finish seems to become harder and harder every season in the premier league. 

And with how dominant Manchester City have been for the past few seasons, it really only leaves 3 spots available. 

On top of that clubs like Newcastle stepping up and heavily investing into their club adds another element to the equation. Plus teams like Tottenham and Liverpool are trying to find their way back in to the top four, so it can get a little crowded at the top. 

So the question is, can Chelsea finish in the top 4 this season? And how can they achieve this? 

Looking at the current Premier League Table it may seem outrageous to claim that Chelsea could finish in the top four by the end of the season. 

They are currently sitting in 10th position with 16 points and 10 points behind 4th place Tottenham sitting at 26. And there is only a two point difference between 4 and 1st. 

So Chelsea could still win the league too, but let’s focus on 4th place in this video for now. 

Now after 12 games it is clear there are some issues that Chelsea still need to figure out and fix. 

One that was an issue but seems to not be a factor of lately is scoring goals. Scoring 8 goals in their last two matches. 

But One that they still haven’t quite figured out is the low block. This has been Chelsea’s biggest downfall this season so far. Chelsea have dropped points to Brentford, Nottingham Forest, West Ham, and Bournemouth. 

These were matches that had Chelsea taken care of and secured all three points could have them already in the top four. But that’s not how football works. 

While this has been a problem, on the flip side, we’ve seen Chelsea also take points off the top four teams. Drawing with City, Liverpool, Arsenal which should have been a win and 3 points from Tottenham like usual 😂 

This shows how well of a team Pochettino has made Chelsea. It’s not easy to go head to head with these teams yet Chelsea have done it while scoring more than 10 goals. 

This has all been happening too while Chelsea were suffering multiple injuries including yet to play this season Nkunku who may be one of the key players to help Chelsea unlock the low block. But that’s another topic to discuss. 

Chelsea’s next three fixtures see them play Newcastle, Brighton and United. While being all ahead of Chelsea none of these teams typically play a low block which means Chelsea can play their normal style with end to end football. 

This could be a chance for Chelsea to secure 9 points and have them moving up the table. 

And if they continue to do so, they will continue to gain momentum which should seem them become one of the harder teams to play against. 

Now that all being said, the season is still a long season with 26 matches to still be played. But Chelsea are now starting to find their groove and also score goals which will see them continue to win games. 

So what do you think, can Chelsea still achieve a top 4 spot? Comment on where Chelsea will finish this season. 

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