Why Chelsea Signed Romeo Lavia This Summer!

So Chelsea have gone out and spent another 60 million on another CDM just right after signing Moises Caicedo.

So why was this a guinness buy for Chelsea and not just a foolish one that people are believing Chelsea are just buying up players left and right.

First lets talk about some of the tactical reasons for bringing in Lavia and why Pochettino would be more than happy to have this player in his squad.

While Chelsea now have two CDMs, this gives Pochettino a few different options moving forward. 

First he doesn’t have to use Lavia if he doesn’t want to start him and have him come off the bench to replace Caicedo to conserve his energy for future matches. While Chelsea don’t have any extra European fixtures this season, if they finish back in the top 4 they will already have the depth needed to compete.

Second, Pochettino now as the ability to fill in the number 10 role with Nkunku out until he returns from injury. Pochettino can now put Caicedo with Lavia in the double pivot and move Enzo Fernandez in to the number 10 role. We saw Pochettino do this at Southamption with Wanyama and Schneiderlein and Wanyama and Demebele at Tottenham. It seems that Pochettino is high up on having Enzo has more of a contributing player in the final third. Lavia allows this to happen without losing any consistency in the midfield.

Third, which might also be an overlooked idea is the fact that Caicedo can play as a right back. Now why is that important since Reece James has that position locked down? Well, as we know, Reece James has a history of picking up injuries in the past couple of seasons. And while Malo Gusto is an valid option, Caicedo offers the capability to move up in to the midfield from the right back position and turning the back four in to a back three with Caicedo helping in the midfield.

These tactics alone would make since to have Lavia come to Chelsea. But lets also talk about the player himself and why this was such an important purchase for such a young player.

Let’s first look at his passing abilities:

Given the opportunity of regular first-team appearances, Lavia has been slightly above the average in pass progression metrics among midfielders to have played a minimum of 1,500 minutes. He is more than capable of breaking the lines with his passing which is something that Caicedo isn’t as good at doing in the number 6 position. This alone would make sense to see all three payers, Enzo Fernandez, Caicdeo and Lavia in the midfield since this would allow different ways for Chelsea to break down teams.

Second, we need to talk about his Mobility:Lavia’s ability to resist the press or carry the ball progressively has seen him grade amongst the best in the league. He was a step up when you compare him to Southampton’s previous number 6 Romeu.

Finally, Lavia is brilliant when it comes to blocking shots and crosses. Now when comparing him to Caicedo it is hard to say one is better than the other since Southampton were typically playing on their heels while Brighton were pushing teams back which didn’t see Caicedo have as many opportunities to be in the position to block shots.

Overall, the signing makes a lot of sense even when it is for the same position as Caicedo. This will give Chelsea a more flexible midfield and depth at the same time. It also puts pressure on the midfield by adding a player like Lavia to the squad since he will be more than eager to fight for a starting position among the Chelsea squad.