How Robert Sanchez Has Been The Best Signing For Chelsea FC This Season!

So who has been Chelsea’s best signing so far this season? 

Palmer, Disasi, Jackson, Caicedo?  Probably the players you’re thinking about, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong. 

Let me explain why. 

While all these players have been great, someone else has been rising to the occasion each and every match. 

Who is that player? 

Well obviously Robert Sanchez. Now before you click off this video, aren’t you just a little curious about how well Sanchez has been for Chelsea this year?  I’m mean come on…

Good you’re still here, let’s look at his numbers. 

First off this season Sanchez has started all 8 Premier League matches. Which has seen him claim 3 Clean Sheets, 22 Saves, 9 High Claim Success along with 228 accurate passes. He has let in 7 goals which has him tied for second least allowed if we don’t factor in Raya who has only played 4 matches this season.  

Now some of this does come down to having a good back line in front of you which Sanchez has been fortunate to but that doesn’t negate how impactful Sanchez has been this season. There have been errors from his defenders which Sanchez has time and time again made big saves to stop a goal. 

These stats put him in the top tier of goalies this season so far. 

This has been a major improvement for Chelsea comparing to Kepa from last year. Sanchez has been able to dominate his box and have the capability of claiming balls when whipped in. Along with stopping shots from outside the box…

On top of the premier league stats,  Sanchez has been apart of the League Cup run which has seen Chelsea be a bit shake, but did see them manage a clean sheet against Brighton. 

While he has had a few errors which have not been detrimental so far to Chelsea this season, it is a talking point that could be worrisome as the season continues. 

That all being said, for a player who was signed and to play back up to Kepa who ended up leaving a day before Chelsea’s first matched, I’d say he’s done quite well. 

Making crucial saves to keep Chelsea in matches or helping to secure points. He may go under the radar to most, but should be given the praise he deserves.