How Chelsea Lost To Brentford…

Chelsea have suffered another home defeat at Stamford bridge this season which means that Thomas Frank now has more Premier League wins at the Bridge than Frank Lampard and Mauricio Pochettino do in the 2023 calendar year…yeah, let that sink in for a moment…(video off space) 

In todays video we will go over the major mistakes that Pochettino made in this match that made a difference, how to fix these issues and what does this mean for future matches. 

Now first off we need to give credit to Brentford as they played to their strengths and capitalized on their chances. Only needing 244 accurate passes to score 2 goals and it could have been more had Sanchez not made some critical saves. 

So let’s look at the formation. 

Pochettino set up with a 4-2-3-1 which was expected with Enzo Fernandez being out due to the birth of his second child. 

So what mistakes did Pochettino make?

The big problem is the right back position. While I understand the logic to go with Disasi for height, it was the wrong decision. As we saw later even with the height he was still beat backpost on Brentfords first goal. 

Why this was a problem relates to earlier in the season when we used Colwill as a Leftback with Thiago Silva and Disasi as CBs. It leaves the one side vacant and making the winger try and create something by themselves. While Noni had one good chance off the post, he was quite after that. 

Gusto who has played well all season was on the bench who offers more going forward than Disasi. We’ve seen Gusto with the capabilities to overload and play a ball back across the goal. Though with Disasi this wasn’t an option and Brentford were more than happy with that. 

As the game continued to play, Brentford were more than happy to sit back and let Chelsea play the ball back and forth between their defenders. 

The Second mistake was not seeing where the biggest threats came from Chelsea which was Palmer in the middle of the pitch swinging balls over the top on to a running player. Cucurella had a good chance, but did not connect well enough to trouble the keeper. He also played Sterling for a good chance that went well over the goal…

This was a match were Palmer was playing well and virtually everywhere on the pitch. But as the match continued the runs that were affective stopped being made which stopped any good chances for Chelsea. This should have been addressed with an earlier substitution with the likes of Washington coming on for Cucu or some other attacking option before the 80th minute. 

So what does this mean for Chelsea moving forward? 

Another match without being able to unlock a low back is starting to show its issues for Chelsea. While not every club will play this way, it will be more challenging to get points from matches that Chelsea should be favored in. On top of that, the quality has been lacking which is frustrating for players like Palmer who are playing well, but can’t pick up the slack for the rest of the squad. 

One thing that Pochettino needs to do is find out who his main core defenders are going to be and stick with them. The constant change between multiple players affects the fluidity between the back line and keeper.

This was a match that Chelsea needed to win for more confidence but to also get the media off their back about how poor they have been. Now Chelsea are in the bottom half of the table after 10 matches. 

While there is are a lot of matches to be played, Chelsea need to figure out how to beat a low block team or it will be a long season