How Chelsea Beat Brighton With 10 Man Squad!

So Chelsea have found themselves bouncing back from their woeful defeat last weekend at St. James Park by getting all three points against Brighton at Stamford Bridge. 

This match was not an easy task for the boys in Blue and saw them have to pull a few tricks to overcome Brighton. One of which involved Pochettino tactics on set pieces. 

In todays article we will look at how Chelsea were able to secure all three points despite playing with ten men once again. 

First we need to address the formation that was utilized by Pochettino for this match. Due to injuries and suspensions, Chelsea once again had to shuffle their back four which saw Disasi Badeshile Thiago Silva and Colwill which meant 4 CBs and funny enough is that it hasn’t been the first time Chelsea set up this way. 

As for the midfield, the classic 3 of Enzo Caicedo and Gallagher made up the middle of the pitch but did change once Gallagher was booked twice. 

As for the attacking portion, Mudryk and Sterling made up the wings with Jackson as the number 9. 

On top of that The two wingers were vital in this match, both Mudryk and Sterling offered outlets for long balls, but they could also drive towards the Brighton defense and take a shot. While neither of them scored, Mudryk was involved in the final goal for Chelsea by being fouled that lead to the PK. Which we saw Enzo Fernandez smash down the middle. 

And speaking of Enzo, If there was a match that Chelsea needed him to step up, this was it. Not only did he score the opening goal for Chelsea and have a brace, but he was able to ping balls all game to find the open player. While he did have one big error that almost lead to a goal, him and and Sanchez where able to get the ball out safely. 

Along with Enzo, we saw Levi Colwill score his first Premier League goal with Chelsea. A big goal that came off a set piece. Which was the second in a very short time frame. It seemed like Chelsea had been practicing this since both goals where almost identical. 

Following the second goal it seemed like Chelsea were going to have a easy win at home. But before half, not only did Brighton score, but Gallagher was sent off for a second offense. 

This has been one of the major issues with this younger squad. They play with a lot of ent and seem to make hard fouls while on a card already. 

Luckily Chelsea were able to hold on until the end though there was some controversy with a few calls that saw Brighton up in airs as the final whistle blew. Chelsea are now sitting with 19 points and 10 points off 4th place. 

Chelsea’s next match will come quickly since it is a midweek match against Manchester United who seem to be having a roller coaster of a season.

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