Foden vs. Palmer vs. Saka: Picking the Premier League’s Young Star

The Premier League boasts a wealth of young talent, and three names consistently rise to the top: Phil Foden (Manchester City), Cole Palmer (Chelsea), and Bukayo Saka (Arsenal). And surprisingly they are all English and left footed which makes the debate even more interesting.  All three boast exceptional skills, but who reigns supreme? And which one should be starting for England in the Euros 2024?

Here’s a breakdown to help you decide:

The Goalscoring Winger: Bukayo Saka

Saka, the flying full-back-turned-winger, leads the pack in goals this season in the premier league with 13, though overall Foden does beat him. But Saka at this point in time is the leader when it comes to assist with 13. Which brings his total contributions to 29 in all competition. On top of that, his dribbling prowess, coupled with his ability to cut inside and shoot with either foot, makes him a nightmare for defenders. On his day, it is clear that Saka can be one of the main players to help Arsenal get the win and could potential help them to their first league trophy in over 20 years. Finally, he is a good set piece taker which makes him versatile for Mikel Arteta.

The Creative Midfielder: Phil Foden

Foden, the Manchester City maestro, operates in a slightly deeper role compared to Saka and Palmer.  This is part of how Pep has set up City with the current superstar team, but that hasn’t prevent Foden from shining. However, his vision,passing range, and ability to unlock defenses with a clever touch are unmatched. Foden has been able to score from all parts of the pitch and has been crucial in multiple wins for City this season to seem them still in the title race with Arsenal and Liverpool.  He’s scored 11 goals this season in the premier league and 18 overall with 10 assist which brings his total to 28, which is just one less than Saka, all from open play, showcasing his finishing ability alongside his creative spark. One factor for Foden though is he is on one of the most lethal teams currently in the Premier League which does make it easier for him to have more Goal and Assist contributions then the likes of Saka and Palmer. But to be picked each week makes a massive statement for how good this player is and will continue to be.

The Rising Star: Cole Palmer

Palmer, Chelsea’s young prodigy, is the newcomer to the party. After leaving Manchester City this season, it was questionable if he was making the right move or not. While his ex teammate Foden has shined at City it was unlikely that Palmer would have seen the same minutes. Thus his move to London club, Chelsea which has been nothing short of a spectacular first season for the Blues.  While his goal tally of 15 in all competition sits slightly behind the others, he has added 11 assist as well. On top of that he is the highest player to account for both a goal and assist in matches this season with 5. Quite impressive for a player that is still only 21.  His all-around play is impressive. He possesses a blend of Foden’s technical brilliance and Saka’s directness, making him a versatile threat. While Palmer doesn’t find himself in the box as often as the other players, it hasn’t stopped him from scoring some great goals. Palmer seems to be the player that floats around when he has the ball and creates plenty of chances for his teammates, who unfortunately haven’t been as lethal in front of the goal as they should be.

So, Who’s the Best Choice?

Here’s the truth: there’s no single “best” choice. It depends on your team’s needs:

  • Need a prolific goalscorer? Saka’s your man.
  • Need a creative spark in midfield? Foden is your answer.
  • Looking for a versatile young talent with high potential? Palmer could be the perfect fit.

In my opinion it does come down to what skill you prefer more and which player you think can elevate your team. All players are great and Gareth Southgate truly has a difficult task on picking his squad for England this Euros, but especially when it comes to some of the younger players like Foden, Saka, and Palmer.

The Final Word:

All three players possess incredible talent and are future stars of the Premier League. Regardless of who you choose,you’re getting a player with the potential to light up the league for years to come.