Consistently Strong Players in Fantasy English Premier League Football

It is difficult to determine the “best” fantasy English Premier League player, as this can change from season to season and is highly dependent on a player’s form and the scoring system being used in the game. However, some players have consistently performed well in fantasy Premier League football and have consistently been among the top scorers in the game.

In recent seasons, some of the top-performing players in fantasy Premier League football have included:

  • Mohamed Salah: The Liverpool winger has been a consistent performer in fantasy Premier League, scoring lots of goals and providing assists for his teammates.
  • Kevin De Bruyne: The Manchester City midfielder is known for his excellent passing ability and has consistently racked up points through assists and goals in fantasy Premier League.
  • Harry Kane: The Tottenham striker has been one of the top goalscorers in the Premier League in recent seasons, making him a valuable player in fantasy Premier League.
  • Raheem Sterling: The Chelsea forward has developed into one of the best attackers in the Premier League and has been a consistent performer in fantasy Premier League.
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold: The Liverpool right-back has been a standout performer in recent seasons, earning points through assists and clean sheets in fantasy Premier League.
Kevin De Bruyne

This isn’t to say that these players are the best this season, but in past seasons have preformed quite well. This season, Erling Haaland has been the top player in fantasy and will most likely be the highest scoring player if things continue the way they have been for him this season.

It is worth noting that the best fantasy Premier League player will depend on the specific scoring system being used and the overall makeup of your fantasy team. It is important to carefully consider which players to select for your team and to keep an eye on form and injuries to ensure you are field a competitive lineup.